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InsideHealthPolicy.com is a subscription-fee-based daily online/newsletter service from Inside Washington Publishers, a company with over three decades of experience publishing inside news from Washington, DC. InsideHealthPolicy.com is constantly updated with news from the staff of our newsletters - Inside Drug Pricing, Health Exchange Alert, Inside CMS, and FDA Week - plus daily Short Takes and hand-picked documents, placed in a fully searchable document/news archive. It also offers special news sections on health reform, Congress, Medicare, drug pricing, and food safety. Another feature is our Morning and Afternoon Headlines e-mail alerts - sent to you early each business morning with the latest from the site to keep you on top of critical news as you begin your day.

A Quick Reference Guide to InsideHealthPolicy.com features:

  • Daily News - Several times a day, we post exclusive news on health policymaking by the agencies and Congress.
  • The Vitals - A health policy blog.
  • Inside Health Reform - a special section featuring daily news on the implementation of the health reform law.
  • Congress – an email alert service on the congressional agenda's impact on health care.
  • Drug Pricing News – an email alert service sent each time we post a news story on federal policies affecting drug prices.
  • The Documents Behind the News - Health-policy documents are hand-picked by editors and added every day to an online database that already comprises tens of thousands of documents. These include policy papers, comments, draft and final regulations, court decisions, legislative drafts, state proceedings, and many other types of information of immediate interest. They remain a part of an ever-expanding searchable library of health policy documents ready to be referenced or printed.
  • Hard copies of Inside CMS, FDA Week and/or Health Exchange Alert, depending on your subscription, sent via hand-delivery in the Washington, DC area or first class mail. The printed edition of Inside Drug Pricing is available for download as a PDF.
  • Special news sections on Health Reform, Medicare, Courts, Congress, Food Safety and more.
  • Daily E-mail Reminders - we will notify you every business morning and afternoon of the latest news added to the site. We will also notify you when the latest issues of Inside CMS, FDA Week, Inside Drug Pricing and/or Health Exchange Alert have been posted.
  • Instant Online Access to the most recent health reform news and issues of Inside CMS, FDA Week, Inside Drug Pricing and Health Exchange Alert. Subscribers can gain instant access to their latest issue (available within hours after the issue closes), and can print a copy, read the issue or individual articles online, or search the issue by subject.

Health Exchange Alert

Daily news and analysis on the hottest issue in health care reform – federal and state requirements for the health insurance exchanges. Our latest news service, Health Exchange Alert, is a must-read for policy professionals who need to stay ahead of the news curve on the fast-paced health exchange policy debate. Subscriptions include daily updates with links that connect you to the news as it happens, plus a weekly newsletter to make sure you're current on all the latest policy developments. Contact exchanges@iwpnews.com or call 703-416-8505 to find out more.

FDA Week

FDA Week is a weekly "insider" newsletter covering public policymaking surrounding the Food and Drug Administration's regulation of drugs, devices, food safety and related areas. FDA Week delivers out-ahead news that is often found nowhere else in print. It has become must-reading for the top regulatory professionals in Washington and has a national reputation for being the best news source on what will happen next at the agency.

Inside CMS

In the tradition of all Inside Washington Publishers' newsletters, the weekly Inside CMS covers Medicare and Medicaid from the inside out - delivering exclusive stories on the behind-the-scenes posturing, policymaking and paperwork for these mega-billion-dollar programs. Top professionals in health insurance, the provider industry, the administration and Congress find Inside CMS indispensable because it allows readers to influence policies before they are cast into stone.

Inside Drug Pricing

Our latest product (as of June 2018), Inside Drug Pricing takes a deep dive into the policy debate over the high cost of prescription drugs.

Inside Health Reform

A feature offering daily in-depth coverage on implementation of the new health reform law.

Subscription Costs

Pricing for InsideHealthPolicy.com is based on two components: a subscription to one or more underlying print publications, currently $705 per year for Health Exchange Alert, FDA Week, Inside Drug Pricing or Inside CMS ($755 per year outside the U.S. and Canada), plus an online access fee of $300 for a single user. Thus, if you are not currently a subscriber to any of our health newsletters, the cost of a single user subscription is a total of $1005 per year, which includes one year of online access to InsideHealthPolicy.com and an annual subscription to Health Exchange Alert, Inside CMS, Inside Drug Pricing or FDA Week.

If you already subscribe to one or more of the IWP health newsletters, you can add a single-user license to InsideHealthPolicy.com for $300 per year. Note that the underlying print subscription(s) must be maintained in order to access InsideHealthPolicy.com.

You can request a subscription via email at ihp@iwpnews.com, or by calling Customer Service at 800-424-9068 or 703-416-8505. Our customer service representatives will supply you with a username and password and explain our terms and conditions of use.

Multiple Users

As with single user licenses above, corporate single-location licenses for up to four users are made up of two components -- $705 for a subscription to an underlying print publication plus an online access fee of $600 a year to allow access by four assigned users. Above four users, site licenses are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. The per-user price can drop dramatically for expanded organization-wide access. The access fees can cost less than a trip to Starbucks per week per user depending on the number of users and locations.


InsideHealthPolicy.com can be accessed from any relatively recent web browser. The only additional software that some users may require is a copy of Adobe's Acrobat Reader software, which can be downloaded at no charge from www.adobe.com. Printable copies of the newsletters on InsideHealthPolicy.com are prepared using Adobe Acrobat, in order to retain the original look of the paper copy.

Terms and Conditions

Specific terms and conditions may apply to access. For example, a location generally is defined as a street address. But there may be instances where the size of an office served by a street address (such as a government agency or large corporate office) is deemed too large to be considered a single location. In these instances, other definitions will apply - such as a specific office or department within an organization. In another example, a library that receives subscription issues for redistribution to individual readers will not be considered a single user, and will be subject to corporate access fees or site licenses which are negotiated case by case. Read our terms and conditions.

Free Trials

A trial is completely free and there is no obligation. At the end of your trial, we will invite you to subscribe. If you don't subscribe, your access will automatically expire. You are not obligated to take any further action. You can request a trial via email to ihp@iwpnews.com, or by calling Customer Service at 800-424-9068 or 703-416-8505. After supplying some basic information, you will be assigned a trial username and password automatically.

Customer Service

InsideHealthPolicy.com maintains a customer-service department that can help answer most questions you may have about your account. When you are experiencing technical problems or have editorial questions, our customer-service representatives also can help you get answers quickly and efficiently.

You can contact customer service by e-mail at ihp@iwpnews.com or call (1-800-424-9068). Susan Szkotnicki will help you. You could also fax your requests to 1-703-416-8543.

Editorial Staff

News Office: 703-416-8572
Health Group Publisher: Donna Haseley

FDA Week
News Office: 703-416-8572
Chief Editor: Donna Haseley

Inside CMS
News Office: 703-416-8577
Senior Editor: John Wilkerson
Chief Editor: Michelle M. Stein
Contributing Editor: Amy Lotven

Health Exchange Alert
Senior Editor: Amy Lotven

News Office: 703-416-8577
Chief Editor: Donna Haseley

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InsideHealthPolicy.com is a product of Inside Washington Publishers, which for over 30 years has provided exclusive, relevant news about the federal policymaking process to professionals who have a need to know about the process. It has groups of news services covering environment, defense, international trade, health care and energy.

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