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Judge Who Ruled Against KY Work Requirements Also Will Hear AR Case

A new lawsuit challenging Arkansas' Medicaid work requirements has been assigned to the same judge who stopped Kentucky's planned work requirements from taking effect in July.

Medicaid Beneficiary Groups Sue Over Arkansas Work Requirements

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The House Ways & Means Committee plans to send four letters to CMS highlighting ways to relieve administrative burden for hospitals, post-acute care providers, physicians and rural providers as part of its Medicare red tape relief project, but a new report from the committee includes no concrete plans for legislation despite Chair Peter Roskam's (R-IL) call earlier this year for legislative action this summer.

A former CMS official and a geriatric specialist say CMS, despite good intentions, missed the mark with its proposal to overhaul physician evaluation and management codes, and should pull the proposal and consider basing pay instead on the time physicians spend with beneficiaries.

Senate Finance Committee ranking Democrat Ron Wyden (OR) and beneficiary advocates are raising concerns with CMS' star rating system for nursing homes, with Wyden saying beneficiaries and their families may not have accurate information on staffing and beneficiary advocates saying lower quality providers are using self-reported quality scores to inflate their overall star ratings.

FDA now will make it easier for companies to obtain the review documents the agency uses when it decides not to approve certain tobacco products based on a lack of evidence of substantial equivalence to a predicate tobacco product, the agency announced Tuesday (Aug. 14).

Home health providers question how CMS' revamped home health demonstration will help stem fraud when the agency has recognized the high improper pay rate in that sector appears to be driven largely by paperwork problems, and suggest CMS look at alternatives.

The Supreme Court is likely to consider several cases that involve key pillars of the U.S. health care system, a group of around 120 consumer and patient associations told Senate leaders in a letter urging them to carefully consider nominee Brett Kavanaugh's position on health care.

Advocates for the use of homeopathic products are urging FDA to back off its plan to step up oversight of the industry, which has largely gone unregulated for the past 80 years.

The New Mexico co-op health plan, which previously sued CMS on the grounds its budget-neutral risk adjustment payment methodology discriminated against the Affordable Care Act's smaller, co-op plans, on Monday sued the agency a second time for relying on the same methodology in an interim final rule that resumed the 2017 risk adjustment payments.

House Energy & Commerce subcommittee Chair Michael Burgess (R-TX) has quietly introduced a bill that would eliminate the cap on Medicaid rebates that Obamacare created.