The Trump administration, via executive order, has kicked off its promised dismantling of the Affordable Care Act but questions abound about timing and the nature of a replacement.

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Draft ACA Repeal Bill Revamps Tax Credits To Benefit Younger Adults During Transition

House Republicans are looking to maintain the Affordable Care Act's tax credits during a transition period, but would reformulate those credits to be more generous for younger adults while providing less assistance to seniors, according to draft ACA repeal legislation circulating Friday (Feb. 24).

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President Donald Trump on Friday (Feb. 24) ordered federal agencies to form regulatory reform task forces charged with identifying in 90 days costly or unnecessary regulations to repeal, replace or modify.

A new bill introduced in the California state legislature would ban drug companies from offering consumers coupons for drugs that have a lower cost alternative, prompting concerns from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America and the California Life Sciences Association (CLSA).

In the wake of Hyland's refusal to voluntarily withdraw a homeopathic product from the market, Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) is pushing legislation that would give HHS authority to mandate an immediate recall of a drug or homeopathic product that poses an imminent threat or serious adverse health consequence.

CMS announced Thursday that it would extend issuers' ability to sell ACA non-compliant individual and small group plans through most of 2018.

House Energy & Commerce health subcommittee Chairman Michael Burgess (R-TX) refused to set a hard deadline for when the Affordable Care Act will be scrapped, speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday (Feb. 23).

Amid concerns from House Energy & Commerce lawmakers that the Trump administration's federal firing freeze could negatively impact FDA's user fee commitments, the committee has scheduled a March 2 hearing on reauthorization of the generic and biosimilar user fee programs.

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America should be done reviewing membership criteria in a matter of weeks, according to PhRMA President and CEO Stephen Ubl, who said PhRMA members should be investing heavily in drugs that are new, different and valuable to patients.

The National Community Pharmacists Association is lobbying hard for recently reintroduced legislation that would prohibit retroactive pharmacy concessions, and believes the bill has a better chance of passage this year in the wake of a new CMS report on the issue, a spokesperson for the group told Inside Health Policy.