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MedPAC Approves 2021 Pay Recs Despite Industry Pushback

Congress’ Medicare advisers approved 2021 payment recommendations for a variety of health sectors Thursday, including suggestions that Congress eliminate a number of scheduled pay raises for various sectors, despite stakeholder pushback on some of the proposals.

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Illinois has submitted a waiver to CMS asking to extend Medicaid coverage up to one year after a Medicaid beneficiary has had a baby, as opposed to the current 60-day limit.

FDA plans to study how proprietary drug names affect public perception and how they can sometimes be misleadingly overstate the safety or efficacy of the drug, expand drug indications or suggest superiority, the agency told the White House budget office on Friday (Jan. 17).

A panel of FDA advisors were split on whether FDA should approve Durect Corporation’s Posimir (SABER-bupivacaine extended-release solution) for post-surgical pain relief, touted by the company as a drug that would reduce use of opioids for at least 24 hours after surgery.

The Federal Trade Commission is moving forward on its efforts to crack down on anti-competitive behavior by hospitals and hospital systems, according to FTC Commissioner Christine Wilson, as called for by some Democrats.

Eli Lilly is halving the list price on two more of its insulin products for consumers who either are uninsured or choose to buy the products without insurance, the company announced Tuesday (Jan. 14).

CMS rejected Wyoming’s proposal to eliminate air ambulance surprise medical bills by making all residents Medicaid-eligible for ambulance services on the grounds that the proposal is at odds with the purposes of the Medicaid program.

The White House Office of Management and Budget has been meeting with industry stakeholders the past several weeks as it reviews the final interoperability rules drafted by the National Coordinator for Health IT and CMS last February.

A group of laboratories and clinicians filed a citizen petition challenging FDA’s attempts to stop labs from providing physicians with genetic test data that assess a patient's risk of an adverse response or likelihood to respond to a given drug.

Two Sanofi insulin products will lose exclusivity protections as a result of FDA’s updated list of drugs that will be considered biologics in March, a shift that Sanofi previously argued would violate the Fifth Amendment.

Nearly half of total 2018 spending on brand name medicines went to the supply chain and brand drug makers are retaining an increasingly smaller share of list prices, according to an industry-funded study by the Berkeley Research Group.