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Center For American Progress' Universal Coverage Proposal Combines Employer-Sponsored And Public Program

The left-leaning Center for American Progress stepped into the debate over the future of health care by proposing a universal health insurance program modeled on Medicare that seeks to preserve employer-sponsored health care while allowing individuals to opt into the government-run insurance model.

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Presented with compelling evidence, FDA will allow device sponsors to sidestep a requirement that companies demonstrate their clinical investigations -- conducted both inside and outside the United States -- followed good clinical practices (GCPs), including human subjects protections, the agency announced in a final rule released Tuesday (Feb. 20).

Industry challenges to state drug pricing laws in Nevada and Maryland are unlikely to succeed and that bodes well for states that want to enact similar laws, argue two professors who are frequently critical of the drug industry.

Despite FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb’s frequent quips that FDA’s standards of identity for food are the types of regulations FDA can scrap pursuant to President Donald Trump’s deregulatory executive orders, one food lobby is using FDA’s docket on expendable regulations to argue FDA should expand, rather than scrap, certain standards of identity.

The American Hospital Association joined the push to delay the application deadline for a bundle-pay demonstration because hospitals want more information, but CMS officials decided against a delay.

A week after CMS proposed reinterpreting Medicare law to let Medicare Advantage plans offer services that help beneficiaries with daily activities, Congress changed the law so the agency doesn’t have to.

The Senate health committee will vote Feb. 28 on four bills, including the animal drug and animal generic drug user fee reauthorization bill, which the committee held a hearing on last week.

The California Farm Bureau Federation is calling for FDA to rewrite all Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules, but it takes particular issue with the produce safety rule, which the group says unfairly subjects high- and low-risk produce to the same standards and is overly vague.

The Department of Justice is arguing that the proposal to fully fund the Affordable Care Act's risk corridor program included in HHS' budget was the result of an accounting error, and the language has been scrubbed from an updated HHS budget dated Feb. 19.

State officials and the National Academy for State Health Policy compiled policies to help states negotiate cheaper drug prices that include closed formularies, specialty pharmacy networks and a joint federal-state Medicaid Technical Advisory Group.