SUMMARY: The Regulatory Flexibility Act of 1980 and Executive Order 12866 require the semiannual publication of an inventory of all rulemakings that will be under development or review during the ensuing 12-month period. The purpose of this effort is to encourage more effective public participation in the regulatory process by publicly providing, at an early stage, information about regulatory actions that the Department is working on. Click here for the agenda (HTML format)






Medicare Rights Center

May 13, 2002

Dear Senator:

We write to thank you for your recognition of the importance of a prescription drug benefit to older and disabled Americans with Medicare. At the Medicare Rights Center, a national, consumer service organization, we hear from thousands of individuals each year who go without medicine their doctors have prescribed simply because they cannot afford it. The cost in needless human suffering and unnecessary hospitalizations and other medical care is incalculable.


In its draft legislative plan, House Republicans are once again seeking the formation of a new HHS agency to run a prescription drug benefit and Medicare+Choice.

In a memo that has triggered outcries from Democrats, the Citizens for a Sound Economy says Democrats "will always lie about what is in the Republican (prescription drug) plan." The group strongly urges congressional leaders to resist overtures to add a drug benefit to Medicare without reforming the system.



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