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Congress Passes CR, Extends Funding For Some Health Programs

Congress late Saturday night (Sept. 30) passed a continuing resolution temporarily funding the federal government for six weeks, and as part of the deal also extended funding for a handful of expiring HHS programs including graduate medical education and health centers, but a path to a final spending agreement is still unclear.

Congress Narrowly Avoids Shutdown, But Some Health Policies Still In Limbo

Stop-Gap Funding Deal Doesn't Address Expiring PAHPA, PEPFAR Funding

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Ohio Court Rejects U.S. Chamber’s Attempt To Block Medicare Negotiations

A district court in Ohio Friday (Sept. 29) rejected a motion by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to halt Medicare’s drug price negotiation program, dealing industry groups a defeat in the first of several cases aiming to block the program to come before a judge.

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FDA on Friday (Sept. 29) unveiled its long-anticipated proposal to assert regulatory jurisdiction over laboratory developed tests, and the move immediately sparked protests from the Senate health committee’s ranking Republican that the agency is overstepping its statutory authority.

The Biden administration said Friday (Sept. 29) it intends to require individual and group health plan issuers, including employer plans, to cover over-the-counter preventive services without cost-sharing or a prescription, including birth control, tobacco cessation products and breastfeeding supplies, and seeks stakeholder input on potential challenges.

A House vote on FDA funding legislation failed Thursday night (Sept. 28) as a government shutdown draws nearer, with the bill’s controversial measure to roll back telehealth availability of the abortion drug mifepristone leading some moderate Republicans to vote with Democrats against the measure.