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Top Story

Cuban Ready To Distribute Generic Drugs If CMS Agrees To March-In Alternative

Mark Cuban, founder of the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, tells Inside Health Policy he could take on the role of distributing the drugs should CMS back drug-pricing advocates’ proposed march-in alternative to license entities to make generic versions of expensive drugs like Xtandi.

Physician Payment Reform

Senate Finance Discusses Possible Medicare Physician Payment Reforms

The Senate Finance Committee kicked off an effort to overhaul the Medicare physician payment system at a hearing Thursday where members of a bipartisan task force aired several preliminary ideas, and while committee Chair Ron Wyden (D-OR) said he wanted to avoid another temporary pay patch he didn’t say how long a broader revamp would take.

Latest News

Litigation is increasing over hospitals and providers sharing user information collected on their websites with a class action suit filed Wednesday and hospitals telling a federal court Thursday they will continue a separate lawsuit, coming as JAMA Network finds the practice is widespread.

The Federal Trade Commission on Friday (April 12) finalized an order prohibiting data broker X-Mode and its successor Outlogic from sharing or selling any sensitive location data as a condition for settling allegations that the company sold precise location data that could track people’s visits to medical and reproductive health clinics.

The White House Friday (April 12) boosted the scope of its pandemic office, coming as Republicans and a key conservative think tank express concerns about the office’s role in emergency response.

The Biden administration’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has issued a final rule aiming to protect civil service employees and career scientists at agencies like FDA and HHS from politically motivated firing, reversing a Trump-era policy, but the original policy is still advocated by conservative groups looking ahead to the 2024 election.

The HHS Office of Inspector General released a report highlighting concerns that nursing home residents with endangering behaviors, many of whom are diagnosed with mental health disorders and are long-term residents, may be especially vulnerable to facility-initiated discharges.