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Treasury: Individuals Found Ineligible For Coverage Must Repay Subsidies

August 28, 2014
Individuals receiving advanced payment tax credits to offset the cost of their exchange plans will be responsible for repaying the government the full amount of those subsidies should they be found ineligible in coming days, Treasury tells Inside Health Policy , addressing an issue about which several beneficiary advocates said was unclear earlier this week. The policy means that the nearly 300,000 people being asked by HHS to submit documents by Sept. 5 in order to verity immigration or citizens...

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President-elect Trump’s promise to scrap Obamacare – the work begins now

Trump missed no campaign-trail opportunity to talk about what he considers Obamacare’s failure and pledged to replace it with a new plan. Now he gets the chance, and with Republicans still in control of Congress, he will find lots of support there. The work, and all the controversy it will engender, begins now.

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