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CMS Proposes To Implement DME Surety Bonds, Expand Competitive Bid Appeals

CMS proposed Friday (June 24) to implement a durable medical equipment surety bond requirement required by the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act, as well as revise its DME competitive bidding rules to say that a contract won't be given to a supplier unless they meet state licensure requirements.

CMS Estimates 0.5 Percent Pay Increase For ESRD Facilities In 2017

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Sens. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and John McCain (R-AZ), along with Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL) in the House, introduced legislation Thursday (June 23) that would reduce exclusivity for brand-name biologic products from 12 to seven years, along the lines of a shift called for by the Obama administration and included in Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's plan to lower prescription drug costs.

Land of Lincoln Health on Thursday (June 23) became the first consumer-operated and -oriented plan to sue the federal government over risk corridors while still in operation, asking the court for $72.9 million in payments for 2014 and 2015.

House Energy & Commerce leaders are raising new concerns about FDA's ability to protect trade secrets and confidential information after federal officials in New York recently charged a political intelligence consultant and former FDA official with obtaining the status of a generic drug and illegally providing the information to a portfolio manager.

The Bipartisan Policy Center recommended ways to leverage real-world evidence to modernize the drug development process, calling for FDA guidance on use of real-world evidence, greater sharing of best practices and an FDA program to develop and test a new adaptive pathway approach.

GOP Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin unveiled a conservative Medicaid waiver plan Wednesday (June 22) and said continued expansion in the state is contingent on whether CMS approves it.

The Senate passed a bill to delay durable medical equipment supplier payment cuts in rural and non-competitive bid areas for a year by unanimous consent Tuesday (June 21) after an attempt to pass the bill through the hotline process stalled, but an expected House vote on a bill to delay those Medicare cuts for three months was put on hold by Democrats' sit-in over gun control.

An FDA official said the United States Pharmacopeia has a role in the biosimilars space but the agency worries that prescriptive USP monographs would clash with FDA approval standards and slow biosimilar innovation.

House Speaker Paul Ryan's (R-WI) health reform plan calls for Medicaid financing reforms through per capita allotments and block grants.