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Citing EpiPen Price Hike, Clinton Touts Plan To Base Prices On Comparative Value

Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton weighed in on Mylan's controversial price increase for EpiPens by touting her plan to invest in private comparative value and benefits research and use the results to hold drug companies accountable for justifying their price hikes.

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The American Hospital Association (AHA) on Wednesday (Aug. 24) asked CMS to require issuers accept premium payments from hospitals and other charities as long as they follow certain criteria in order to help boost marketplace enrollment and improve stability.

HHS on Wednesday (Aug. 24) issued a report arguing that even if rates increased by 25 percent nationwide, around three-fourths of exchange customers could still find plans for less than $75 a month, since advanced premium tax credits are designed to increase along with premium costs.

The FBI said state legislation passed by Minnesota and Montana to allow them to participate in an interstate licensure compact, which would make it easier for physicians to provide telemedicine services across state lines, does not meet requirements that would allow the agency to share information with states for criminal background checks.

A group of House Democrats from California are backing laboratories' efforts to avoid reimbursement cuts of up to 85 percent next year for a handful of advanced diagnostics.

The evolution of electronic health records has not kept pace with other technology used to track and visualize patient experiences, and are “[b]loated records, devoid of meaning and full of cut-and-paste content,” according to Stanford University professors and researchers in a new article.

Durable medical equipment suppliers are pleased Maine is rolling back Medicaid cuts that were tied to Medicare rate cuts that the suppliers also have been lobbying lawmakers to retroactively delay, but suppliers say other Medicaid cuts are coming.

CMS will not change its Healthcare.gov user fee adjustment for FFM issuers for the 2015 benefit year, again asking insurers to report how much they paid to third-party administrators and pharmacy benefit managers for contraceptive claims plus 15 percent of that dollar amount for administrative costs, according to a frequently asked questions sheet released Monday (Aug. 22).

Former CMS administrators are urging House and Senate committee leaders to support a bill to improve Part B enrollment and fill long-standing education gaps for those nearing Medicare eligibility, and more than 70 organizations including consumer advocates also have notified the lawmakers they back the legislation.