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If Medicare Trustees Trigger IPAB, Next President Could Get Power To Control Drug, MA Spending

Health care analysts say it is possible that this year's Medicare trustees' report will activate for first time the ACA's Independent Payment Advisory Board, but it would be difficult for the yet-to-be-formed board to propose Medicare cuts by the Jan. 15 deadline, which would give the next president the power to create controversial policies to control drug prices or cut pay to Medicare Advantage and drug plans.

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House Energy & Commerce Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) and health subcommittee chair Joseph Pitts (R-PA) ask HHS to come to the table to craft a legislative solution to FDA's recent string of court loses over off-label promotion.

Stakeholders point to the detection of bacteria resistant to a last-resort drug as a reason to accelerate government efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance through increased surveillance and development of new antibiotics.

Several industry members told FDA that forcing biologics sponsors to withdraw their pending drug applications and resubmit them as biologic license applications when the products transition in 2020 would have significant impact on patient access and healthcare costs.

CMS has kicked off an “employer verification study” during which certain employers will be asked to provide information on the lowest-cost health plans offered to employees as part of an effort to confirm accurate information was provided during the QHP application process.

InHealth Mutual will be the 13th co-op to close in the past 18 months, as the Ohio Department of Insurance announced Thursday (May 26) that the nonprofit health insurance company is now under receivership to be liquidated.

National and state durable medical equipment supplier groups are increasing pressure on House and Senate leadership to take up and pass a bill delaying rural DME supplier payment cuts currently set for July, as they say there hasn't been enough time for Congress to monitor any problems stemming from the first round of cuts from January.

A bipartisan group of 116 House lawmakers is asking CMS to scrap the idea of launching a home health prior authorization initiative after the agency signaled interest in such a demonstration earlier this year.

Drug manufacturers are raising legal and trade concerns with FDA's plan to revoke a biologic's remaining exclusivity when it shifts to a license application in 2020.